Lisa's School of Dance

Twinkle Star Dance™ is an age specific 30-45 minute class containing ballet, tap and jazz/creative movement. It is a well-rounded, effective program for teaching technique to young dancers in a fun, accessible way! Students please wear ballet shoes. Please dress in leotards and tights or comfortable clothing. Please register one week prior to session start dates! Questions, contact

Mondays, January 22- March 12
​Registration Deadline: January 12

Twinkle Tots for ages 2-3
9:30-10:00am or 4:15- 4:45pm, $48/$58nr
Twinkle Stars 1/2 for ages 3-5
10:00-10:45am, $90/$100nr
Twinkle Stars 1 for ages 3-4
5:30-6:15pm, $90/$100nr

Twinkle Stars 2 for ages 4-5
4:45-5:30pm, $90/$100nr

Twinkle Stars 3/4 for ages 6-9
6:15-7:00pm, $90/$100nr