Hula Dance Classes

Fridays March 2 - April 27 for ages 3-55+

Aloha and Welcome to the World of Hula with Maile's Island Tropic Dancers! Kumu Hula-Maile Kaaihue Edmonson, born and raised in Hawai'i "Hula is the language of the heart, therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people." - King David Kalakaua

During winter classes or cold weather, dress comfortably and leave your socks on during lessons. During warm weather; spring through fall classes, uniforms will be worn and No shoes or sandals during lessons. Barefoot only please. All students are required to buy a halau (school) uniform which consists of a Maile's Island Tropic Dancers t-shirt and a Hawaiian print pa'u skirt for $40. No uniforms required for Hularobics. Kupuna Hula and Mommy and Me classes, uniforms are optional. Kumu Maile is an entertainer, choreographer and affiliate of Aloha Chicago. Students, excluding Hularobics students will be invited to perform in Public performances with Aloha Chicago. E kulia I ka nu’u – The motto of Queen Kapiolani, this saying means “Strive to do your very best.”

Makuahine a me ka au "Mommy and Me", ages 3-4 with mom!
9-9:30am, $50/60nr

Kupuna Hula "Hula for our Honored Elders", ages 55+
9:45-10:30am or 2-2:45pm $80/$90nr

Hularobics "Hula for fun and exercise", ages 13+
10:45-11:30am or 5-5:45pm $90/$100nr

Aloha o'Hula "Love of Hula", ages 13+
11:45am-12:30pm or 6-6:45pm or 7-7:45pm $90/$100nr

Keikilani "Heavenly child", ages 5-7
3-3:45pm $90/$100nr

Hokulani "Heavenly star", ages 8-12
4-4:45pm $90/$100nr

For more information, go to register online for class dates and times!