Hampshire Township Park District Comprehensive Park Master Plan

prepared by:  Land Design Collaborative, Inc., Skokie, IL and Robin Hall, Urbana, IL
April 20th, 2005

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Title Page48.26 KB
Table of Contents104.56 KB
Executive Summary101.51 KB
CHAPTER 1 - Introduction1.89 MB
CHAPTER 2 - Inventory and Evaluation of Resources13.22 MB
CHAPTER 3 - Demographics and Trends1002.97 KB
CHAPTER 4 - Park and Open Space Standards885.72 KB
CHAPTER 5 - Recreation Programs3.39 MB
CHAPTER 6 - Maintenance Practices443.71 KB
CHAPTER 7 - Policy Goals and Objectives128.57 KB
CHAPTER 8 - Park and Open Space Master Plan525.21 KB
CHAPTER 9 - Capital Improvement Program, Recommendations and Implementation724.84 KB
APPENDIX A - Park Improvement Cost Estimates157.56 KB
APPENDIX B - Park Land Donation Requirements and Standards111.73 KB
APPENDIX C - Park Facility Space Requirements6.51 MB
Figure 1-1: Regional Location Map3.03 MB
Figure 1-3: Hampshire Township Park District Map677.08 KB
Figure 2-1: Taxing District Boundaries1.02 MB
Figure 2-3: Natural Resources1.95 MB
Figure 2-4: Existing Land Use1.06 MB
Figure 2-5: Future Land Use1.06 MB
Figure 2-6: Transportation1.04 MB
Figure 2-12: Current and Proposed Developments672.06 KB
Figure 4-1: Existing Service Area656.5 KB
Figure 4-2: Proposed Service Area Neighborhood7.05 MB
Figure 4-3: Proposed Service Area Community6.87 MB
Figure 4-4: Future Service Area Neighborhood7.27 MB
Figure 4-5: Future Service Area Community7.35 MB
Figure 8-1: Park and Open Space Master Plan2.56 MB
Table 9-1: Estimated Improvement Costs55.21 KB
Table 9-3: Capital Improvement Program Option A70.72 KB
Table 9-4: Capital Improvement Program Option B72.64 KB
Table 9-5: Capital Improvement Program Option C72.55 KB